Kitchen Installation For Eastbourne and East Sussex

The kitchen is increasingly where our family and friends get together, It’s no longer just the room we get creative with our cuisine in. More and more people ask us for open planned kitchen installations; a kitchen that flow effortlessly into the dining or living area is an increasingly popular trend in East Sussex.

Take a look at our kitchen installation gallery to see examples of our work, if any of them catch your eye give us a call on 07856 543355 or email us and we can discuss your kitchen needs.

Kitchen Design and Installation

It’s important for the design of your kitchen to be just right and not only meet the requirements of your family but to also meet the requirements of your lifestyle. At MZ Carpentry we have a team of experts eager to help you create your dream kitchen become a reality. We have designed, manufactured and installed kitchens made from a wide variety of woods and timber products.

We’re also happy to install a third party kitchen that you have already purchased and supply services that include plumbing, tiling and electrical installations.

If you want to work with us to make your kitchen dream a reality call our team today on 07856 543355 or email us.

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