Decorating A New Property

There is nothing quite like getting the keys to a brand new home. With the smell of fresh paint lingering in the air and the crisp, clean design lines of something completely modern, most people want to move in straightaway. Being able to relocate without having to think about renovations is one less thing to worry about. But, sooner or later, you will want to put your own mark on the interior.

It could be that you realise your furniture doesn’t quite suit plain white or magnolia walls. Maybe, you find neutral colour schemes boring and want to personalise your space. Making your home your own – one that reflects your individual tastes – can be daunting in a new home. Where do you start?

Interior Design Ideas For New Homes

If you don’t want to spend a fortune personalising your new house, concentrate on the areas that matter most. Consider these interior design ideas… You can lift the look of a plain living room, for example, with fabulous new curtains or blinds. If the walls really are just a tad too bare for your liking, you may want to consider using wallpaper on one section. Look at your lighting. Would new light fittings or shades make a difference? Perhaps adding some ceiling detail would lift the look of a room.

Quite often subtle changes can make a big difference in a bland space. Careful coordination of soft furnishings, lighting and ornaments can set your home apart. Making just a few changes can also ensure your furniture sits more comfortably in its new surroundings. Interior design in a new home should be about making you feel more comfortable in your space.

Interior Decoration

If the thought of re-painting your new home sends a shiver down your spine, there are alternatives. Modern homes stand out with thoughtful features that add both personality and warmth. The quickest way to transform a plain room is to invest in wall art. Sticky-backed designs are easy to apply to clean surfaces and come in a huge variety of styles. Choose from simple wording to elaborate floral designs. The options are almost limitless.

You can add further warmth to your new home by adding throws, extra cushions and rugs – all without the need to decorate. Fresh flowers and a mirror will also give a room character. If, however, you feel there is no alternative to getting out the paintbrush, make sure you choose a colour scheme that is bang on trend, complements your furniture and reflects your tastes. Greys, creams and pastel shades are currently in vogue.

House Interior Design

Interior design is all about making a space work for you. It doesn’t necessarily mean completely remodelling your home. For example, a simple thing like a headboard can make a real statement in the bedroom. Designers tend to think out of the box when it comes to interiors. Your headboard doesn’t have to be the same width as the bed. It can be much larger for visual impact and comfort. Consider the fabric you use and how much you want to change the acoustics in your home.

New homes tend to ‘sound’ empty – even with your belongings fully installed. If you want to reduce the echo, fill your space with large pieces of furniture and oversized features. The blandest room in most new homes tends to be the bathroom. This is where you can add a splash of colour with tile stickers, shower screens and flooring. An upright chrome towel rail and other simple coordinating extras can create a luxurious sanctuary with little effort. Remember, house interior design can be more about colour and texture than complete redecoration.

Interior Design Styles

Today’s interior design is all about choice. Whether you are a fan of shabby chic, the minimalist look or something more traditional, you have to balance your personal tastes with the design of your home. Most people find that a contemporary or modern look best suits a new build. If that is not for you, consider the alternatives and how they can be personalised.

Think simplicity when you are designing the interior of a new home. Fussy interior design styles can spoil the overall aesthetics. Modern design can reflect trends over many decades while contemporary is what is trending right now. If you are tempted to paint your living room burgundy, try to restrict your painting to one or two walls. Remember that light, airy colour palettes are best suited to new builds.

At the end of the day, you can think of your new home as a blank canvas. Consider yourself an artist and give it a look that makes you feel comfortable.

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