Kitchen Design Ideas for Homeowners

If your kitchen has seen better days, looks outdated or just isn’t practical, it’s time to invest in a modern kitchen. You can transform the look of a kitchen and make it work for you and your lifestyle by choosing a complementary design. The kitchen is the heart of every home and how you remodel it will depend on a combination of factors. You will have to consider your budget, your current kitchen layout and the design you want to achieve.

If redesigning your kitchen sounds like a hassle, don’t put it off. A tired, neglected space can lower the value of your home and even make it unhygienic. House hunters consider the kitchen a top priority. A survey conducted by home services platform Plentific found that 47% of would-be buyers are most influenced by a new kitchen. More than a quarter of those surveyed, 28%, said they would be prepared to extend their budget and offer a higher price if a kitchen ticked all the boxes.

The most common kitchen types

Kitchens come in all shapes and sizes but predominantly fall into six distinct types:

Open plan: Popular in contemporary homes, open plan kitchens blend seamlessly into a large living space. This type of kitchen works well in homes of all sizes, including apartments and terraced properties and those with a mezzanine.

Galley: Long and thin, a galley kitchen makes use of restricted space. It is ideal for smaller homes or for properties where there is just one cook. This type of kitchen can have counters along one or two walls with a walkway through the middle.

L-shape: This smart design maximises corner space. It is a popular feature of modern homes, often incorporating a dining area.

Horseshoe: This U-shaped kitchen usually features three walls of cabinets and appliances. In some modern homes, the third wall is often replaced by an island for practicality and to add a contemporary feature.

Peninsula: This type of kitchen is usually a G-shape. It uses the footprint of a traditional L-shape kitchen but has the added benefit of a connected island or breakfast bar.

One wall: This minimalist kitchen is usually found in large contemporary or small studio apartments and holiday homes.

Kitchen design tips

Before you fall in love with a trending kitchen design, think about how you use your kitchen. How do you move about in the space you have? Which appliances do you use most? How could your kitchen be remodelled to better work for you? For example, do you intend to use your kitchen as a dining area? Is the space you have sufficient or will you need to add an extension or open up your kitchen into another room?

Determining what appliances need to be close together and how much worktop space you need should give you a better idea of what your new kitchen should look like. Consider storage and shelving. Think of smart features that could improve your storage space without spoiling the aesthetics. Clever design can mask gadgets as well as appliances and make your life easier. If you can’t afford to completely remodel your kitchen, consider things like sockets, windows and doors.

Kitchen layouts to consider

If you want to achieve an open plan feel, an L-shaped kitchen is perfect. You can add character and extra worktop space by including an island. If you need a lot of storage space, consider a horseshoe-shaped kitchen. With the use of three walls, you can maximise the room available. Consider this type of kitchen if you want a lot of cabinets in a small area.

A peninsula or G-shaped kitchen is recommended if you want a kitchen that is practical. Chefs like this style because it is designed to ensure everything is within easy reach. Choose this option if you enjoy cooking or entertaining. If you want to achieve an open plan feel but don’t really have oodles of space, a one wall kitchen could solve the problem. There are lots of ways of personalising a kitchen layout, as explained above.

Modern kitchen styles

The modern kitchen makes use of space with smart storage solutions and plenty of worktop space. Islands and L-shaped kitchens are currently in vogue. However, the style of kitchens is quite diverse. While the gourmet style is still very much in vogue for the modern kitchen, alternatives include:

  • Mediterranean kitchens
  • Coastal kitchens
  • Cottage kitchens
  • Colonial kitchens
  • Luxury kitchens

Kitchen planning

If you want to add value to your home and improve the way your kitchen functions, talk to a residential architect or a kitchen design specialist. They will be able to help you better understand what is involved and get your ideas down on paper. Ensure your dream kitchen is within your budget and understand that some designs may require additional floorspace.

A new kitchen can transform a home. If you plan a new kitchen that meets your needs and gives your property the wow factor, you have found the recipe to kitchen design success.

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