The Benefits of Bespoke Wardrobes

Innovative storage solutions are a major selling point in a home. As well as adding the wow factor, they make sense. Functionality is as important as the aesthetics. That is why more and more house hunters are looking for homes with bespoke wardrobes. The days of the free-standing, self-assembly wardrobe are well and truly over.

If you are tired of wobbly wardrobes with rails that sag under the weight of your clothes, you don’t need a clear-out – you need bespoke furniture. The benefits of investing in custom wardrobes are three-fold. They:

  • Maximise the use of space
  • Increase functionality
  • Blend seamlessly in with your interior design

Wardrobe Design Ideas

Finding the right storage solution for your bedroom is important if you want to maximise useable space. It is equally important to consider the design options. You can create a whole new look or complement your existing one with the right choice. It boils down to personal taste and functionality.

Design choices for bespoke wardrobes are huge. Here are just a few:

  • Wall to wall: This type of bespoke wardrobe can create a lot of storage space without creating an awkward shape. Functional and highly attractive, this design is ideal if you live in a modern house. Consider storage options for shoes, ties and other accessories as part of your design.
  • Walk-in: Choose this wardrobe design if you want to convert an adjoining room into a spacious storage area. Many walk-in wardrobes have innovative storage solutions to really help you make the most of your investment. You may want to include a seating area.
  • Awkward spaces: Bespoke wardrobes do the job that generic options can’t, especially if your bedroom has a sloping ceiling or some other awkward space. A joiner will be able to craft a wardrobe that exactly fits the space available. It won’t look clumsy or out of place. It will look stunning.

Custom Fitted Wardrobes

If you want to achieve a seamless storage solution that really works for your home, custom fitted wardrobes are the answer. As well as being unique to your property, they will take awkward shaped ceilings and walls into account. Every inch of space in the room will be maximised to ensure you get the right solution for your needs.

Custom fitted wardrobes are designed to offer the highest quality storage solution. This means precision fitting from start to finish. You won’t be left with gaps between the wardrobe and wall. And you won’t have to worry about your wardrobe collapsing under the weight of your clothes, because your wardrobe will have been designed with your exact needs in mind.

Buy Bespoke Wardrobes

If you want every storage detail taken care of in a wardrobe design that perfectly complements your bedroom, go bespoke. The bespoke wardrobe is a permanent feature of your home, adding long-term value and functionality. With classic and contemporary designs, made from a wide range of modern and traditional materials, you can choose a bespoke wardrobe that makes a stunning statement.

Not sure if a bespoke wardrobe is right for you? Find out more about the benefits of custom fitted wardrobes by getting in touch.

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