Understanding the Carpentry Process

If you are building a new home or want to improve your existing one, carpentry will play an important role. In fact, this craft is used throughout a property. If you think carpentry is restricted to window frames and skirting boards, think again. You will be surprised to discover just how much of your home has involved the work of a carpenter.

In this guide to the carpentry process, we will look at a home from the outside in. Consider it a journey in the design, build and finishing stages of a property. You will find this information particularly useful if you are considering a renovation project or want to extend your home.

First Fix Carpentry

This type of carpentry refers to the essentials in every home. It includes plaster boarding, door and window frames, roof struts and floor joists, as well as stairwells. If you are considering remodelling your home, adding a loft conversion or building a side extension, carpentry will play a major role.
First fix carpentry is always carried out before a new home or extension is plastered. It forms an integral part of the structure of a building. Therefore, it pays to ensure you engage a quality carpenter.

Second Fix Carpentry

You may notice that your carpenter is not on site for a while after the initial work is complete. Don’t worry. That is because other tradesmen have to complete work such as installing the electrics before any more carpentry work can be undertaken. Once a project moves to the interior, your carpenter will be back. During this phase of a build or renovation, he or she will construct your architrave, window boards, stairs, floors, install skirting and other features.

In most cases, second fix carpentry adds character and style to a home. It also improves functionality and denotes the amount of storage space you will have. Clever carpentry will help you make the most of your space and give your home a high-quality finish.

Fitted Furniture

A carpenter can add value to a home by crafting fitted furniture. It could be that you want built-in wardrobes, storage cabinets or to turn an awkward space into a cupboard. Feature windows, for example, can include seating. Your project may include a sweeping staircase or beading.

If you are planning to refurbish your home, thinking about fitted furniture is a god idea. It could free up space and make your home much more functional. Fitted kitchens are a must-have in all modern homes. If you are re-modelling your kitchen you will need a good carpenter

Bespoke Furniture

To ensure you maximise the space in your home, it pays to invest in bespoke furniture. This is especially important in kitchens and bedrooms. By utilising space, you will make your home more functional and attractive to future buyers. Consider investing in bespoke furniture if you are extending your home. This will ensure the additional space complements the rest of your property.

Bespoke furniture can add value to your home. It is generally of a much higher quality than generic alternatives and lasts longer. Whatever your plans, don’t forget the pivotal role than carpentry will play in your project.

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